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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

With Black Panther, the ideal movie for him would be very close to Batman Begins (No I'm not saying they're the same thing).

T'Challa is a brilliant geologist from a very small village in Wakanda, he is the son of his village's chief and shaman. His father raised him on stories of the ancient gods and heroes including Black Panther, the defender of the brave. He goes to School in American, and comes back to what you described EXCEPT M'Baku doesn't work for Klaw, they are fighting. I want his homeland to be a warzone with the people caught in the middle all for one thing and one thing only: Vibranium which has been in high demand ever since His great-great grandfather sold some to that "That White-Man, Stark" (Howard Stark). However none gets mined because the Warring factions are demanding "If you don't mine it for me, it doesn't get mined!" The people starve, and his father, who had been trying to keep the mound a secret has been murdered. HE comes back trying to use his education and martial training (he was raised a warrior by his father), but he is beaten senseless by M'Baku, and left to die in the jungle. There an old woman finds him, but she's not always an Oldwoman, some times she's a great dark cat, and sometimes a cat headed woman. Bast, the Panther goddess... or at least that is what his concussed brain is processing. She reminds him of how he was raised, true roots. She tells him that he cannot live just in his father's dead world, nor can he live in the White Man's world. he must live in his home villaige. She leads him through the rights of the Black Panther, but he starts to look at some of the vibranium scraps She possesses, and reforges them, weapons, armor, mask. Thus we create the fusion of ancient Africa and Hyper Technological that is Wakanda.

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