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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

I didn't care for any of the five x-men franchise films... I loved avengers (thor, cap, iron man) , loved Spider-Man films, but X-Men (which was my fav comic of them all) was poorly done, imo...

You could blame too many characters to juggle, but Singer tried to make Wolverine the star of the trilogy instead of focus on an ensemble movie which is what the roots of the story is. Instead, Singer tried to make a Wolverine story where it would be much more fun if it was about the team, like Expendables with focus on the leader (Xaiver) like Stallone was the leader of them...

The movies just didn't work for me. I grew up loving the cartoon. The big main problems are too many characters, too much Wolverine and not enough everyone else. . . Main villains are henchmen, which is lame. Mis-cast of Anna Paquin as Rogue, Halle Berry as Storm.... The movies were nothing new to the audience in terms of an action adventure sci fi movie. We've seen that before. Poorly executed, imo.

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