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Default Re-watching Smallville Thread!

My wife and I have started re-watching Smallville from the first season. (We miss the show, and my wife misses watching Welling)

We just finished the episode "Fever" in season two and I forgot how fantastic some of the writing was in the first couple seasons. It had some formulaic problems but the characterization was all there and showed how they set up how the characters grew throughout the series.

Early Lex/Clark dynamic was fantastic. The episode "Ryan" still made me cry like nobodies business. I'll update with my thoughts as I run through the episodes.

Also some plots that they created and dropped that I wish they had continued with: Henry Smalls (I liked his character and he just up and disapeared, never to be heard from again) and Helen Bryce (Great character that I wish they had brought back after she disapeared)

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