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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

@Zoken, cool story bro, but that's not Black Panther, it doesn't capture the spirit of the character. You've removed all the wonder from the story, that's not what Batman Begins did. It took the time to justify everything it could about Batman's story. But I do like the way you tied in Stark's Vibranium, and the overall thought, Batman Begins is a really good model. Note how Bruce's "kingdom" is very much intact, and everyone knows he's entitled to it, and he just has to overcome those who would take it from him, and those who would threaten it.

@Gamingboy, there's probably a reason Bucky was kept separate from the other prisoners in the film, I really like your take. I think Bucky as the main physical threat, so to speak in Cap II would be awesome. SHIELD is warning him all about this Winter Soldier guy and it turns out to be Bucky! Crazy!

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