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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

She-Hulk: In the aftermath of a superbeing fight, a attorney named Jennifer Walters was badly injured. She was in bad need of a blood transplant, but she had a rare blood type, and the hospital she was brought to was short of it. Thankfully, a cousin of hers was in town: Robert Bruce Banner. Banner wasn't quite all there after a recent hulk-out, and didn't consider the fact that his blood had caused other mutations (Sterns, etc.). For Walters, that change was becoming a She-Hulk: not even close to as strong as her cousin, but far more in control of her actions than even the most in-control of Hulks. In fact, she prefers being the She-Hulk... although obviously she can't be like that in public. SHIELD hires her as legal help, but in reality it's more as a way to make sure they "have a Hulk" in case Banner isn't around.

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