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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

I think She-Hulk should start towards the end of The Incredible Hulk. You see SHIELD or whoever bagging up the blood that Sterns has cloned up. Then we are basically the POV of one of those bags while we get a voice-over from Jeniffer Walters about destiny or fate. We watch the bag of blood is labled as "Banner, Robert B." and everything, and then it goes through several hands, gets held over in a hospital, where one bag falls out. the rest go on to SHIELD, but that one bag that fell gets picked up and put with the hospital's normal supply. It's typed to be a very rare blood type, but there is someone in the county with that blood type so they keep it on hand.

Then we meet Jennifer. I want this to be a Woman's movie, as much as She-Hulk has always been about fanservice, let's too right by a powerful female character. She is a mousy plain woman. She is a lawyer, but does primarily research and a lot of her more aggressive colleagues take credit for her work. One of her bosses is contantly telling her that she needs more confidence. He says he's seen her work, and thinks she's quicker on her feet that she gives her self credit for. He asks why she isnt trying her self as a trial lawyer. She flicks her eyes to the office top-dog (***** at the case maybe) Mallory Book, who looks absolutely stunning, as opposed to Jen who looks scraggly and drab.

Traffic accident on the way to the hospital "Destiny intervened". The hospital with the appropriate blood type (her cousin's) is not far away the send over their supply, and cue the quasi-hulk-out. From here it's kind of like a grown up, female, teen-wolf. She doesn't want to hide what she is, and she just has the confidence when she is She-Hulk. However confidence can grow into ego and hubris. Some regrettable liasons later (throw in a nod to Tony Stark), and some career threatening risks, and she's learning her lessons. She-Hulk has some training with SHIELD, but this shouldn't be an action movie. It's She-Hulk.

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