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Default Re: do you think IM2 was better or worse than the original?

Originally Posted by SchumacherFan View Post
I loved Iron Man 2, and I'm extremely picky with superhero movies...I'm the only one who didn't like Bryan Singer's X-Men films....

I thought Iron man 2 was a 'fun' movie, more than the first. Robert Downey Jr, Sam Rockwell & Mickey Rourke performances made the movie. How can you NOT enjoy those performances ?
Because Downey Jr brought nothing new to the character and all Mickey Rourke did was chewing a toothpick and be calm.

But 'fun'... there were only 3 Iron man appearances; the second one was that stupid friends fight (preceeded by "humorous" drunk Tony Stark peeing in his suit) and the third one was more fast-paced than fun.

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