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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

. Although Superman may be smarter than Goku, there is no possible way in Hell that he could beat him in a physical fight. I think most Supes fans hate DBZ, and thats why their opinions are based more on emotions than logic. Goku is a skilled martial artist who is always training, and has beaten villians who's power is on par with or excedes Superman's ( ex. Frieza, Coola, Brolly, Buu). Superman is vulnerable to magic, and at the end of DBGT, Goku absorbs all of the MAGICAL dragonballs abd basically becomes a god. Therefore his attacks would cause severe damage to the so called Man of Steel ( Hell, if He-Man had super speed and invulnerbility, he could beat Superman, I know they fought back in the 80's, but I don't know who won). Plus Goku has died and came back many times, and everyone knows that is a Saiyan comes back from the brink of death, he is more powerful than he was previously. Plus Goku could wish for his power to be fused with kryptonite radiation and destroy supes with a kryptonite kamehamaha blast, or spirit bomb.

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