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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I was originally OK with the idea of including Spider-Man in the sequel. The more star power the better. But they would have to take a top guy out of there for it not to be overcrowded. Maybe if Downey doesn't want to do a sequel and they have to replace him with a huge Marvel character. Then they'll bring Garfield in as Spidey? But the balance wouldn't be the same imo.

That's why i dont like it anymore when it's suggested. A skinny teenage boy, even if he's almost 20, it would just be weird having Peter Parker in a meeting with all these 30 something year old adults who are in battle? Nah.

I'm usually not a marvel guy or Avengers guy so i don't know as much as you all do. I guess there's tons of new characters & villains that are more suitable for the sequel. Names that would be obscure to the general audience.

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