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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by Mr. Immortal View Post
Hugh Jackman is definitely not the problem. We probably don't realize it but I believe we're in the golden age of many superhero castings. Will there ever be a better Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America than we have now? I doubt it.

Hugh gives his Wolverine a sense of warmth and depth while being completely ferocious at the same time. I'd hate to see him go.
Yeah, the Wolverine ferocity has been seriously lacking in my opinion. I'm not saying it's Hugh's fault, it's just the writing. Hugh has been good. I just would like to see a Wolverine done by a creative team that embraces the feral and darker aspects of the character. This is a guy that has a past full of violence and death. Who at times can't keep his rage at bay and loses control. You never saw that with Jackman's Logan. To me it is an element that is vital to my understanding and appreciation of the character. It is the reason he is a compelling a character. Without his feral nature he is just another cyclops with a slightly worse attitude.

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