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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by MilkmanDan View Post
True. But I don't think Jackman's Logan is so much a rough guy with warmth shining through as he is a charming guy with a cocky macho swagger.
eh, he was portrayed as being a bit rough in the films, look at how he was living when Rogue found him, and he walked into the kitchen of a kid's school expecting to find beer in the fridge, lol.
I also believed Bobby Drake's families reaction to Logan, where they were skeptical that he was a teacher due to his rough persona, and were scared at their initial meeting with him, it was not just that there was a stranger in their house, but that there was a dangerous looking stranger, who gave out a wild vibe. I think that came across in the first three films.

Originally Posted by OsGom View Post
Honestly I think Tom gets bum wrap as an actor because people fail to discern his characters from his real life persona. He really is a good actor and I feel could give Logan considerable depth and power lacking in the Jackman incarnation with the right script.

It will never happen but that's not really the point here.
I have no probs with Tom Cruise's acting skills, he is a fine actor, i just think he would be mis-cast as Wolverine, which is not a diss on his acting skills. Sometimes someone's 'persona' or even look, is just not right for a certain character, and that's what I think about his casting as the character.
To me, casting Tom Cruise as Wolverine, would be like casting Liam Neeson as the Joker, yeah, you could dress them up to look like the character, and they might give a good acting performance, but there would something off about them, as their persona, their vibe that they carry about with them as people, which they cannot really shed, is really not suited to the character.

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