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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

I don't know what the hell comics you have been reading, but in the Claremont books, that defined the character, and his ingratiation into the X-Men over those first years, the only time a team member was put into danger by Logan's feral rage, was when Nightcrawler took the piss out of Logan during a danger room session, and Logan launched at him full on with extended claws, from which he of course teleported away.

He had arguments with cyclops all the time, but that scene with nightcrawler was the only time he ever launched out in a deadly way at a team member.
One time cyclops punched him, and Logan extended his claws, but Storm got inbetween that one, and told him if he wanted to stab Cyke, he'd have to stab her first.

Moviewise...he did go 'beserker' in the mansion, on the first soldier who he impaled on the fridge, as well as the ones he charged at, one of which he slashed his face off, and the others all stabbed to death. You have to be realistic here, these are '12' certificate movies, we are lcuky to have got that amount of the deadly Wolverine in such a film.

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