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Default Re: Official NEW MUTANTS Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Generation Lee View Post
Anytime a super villian sneezes the kids are put into a panic room. They have to wear a stupid uniform and IDE attends the school. I can see it as boaring.

I like how they have just given X Man one power and for a while keeping him weak. I hate those with a million different abilities that can help you all the fracking time. Hope he just keeps his Tk but since he's a Grey he can have telepathy as well :-). BTW how can this skip AVX considering what Galdiator just did. Come on alternate universe or not he's connected to the Phoneix.
Agreed. Westchester is a school. The New Mutants is an adventure. I dont quite understand why she chose Wolveine's group considering her personality. The NMs is mroe in line with how she is

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
So what's the whole deal with her? Why is she in Westchester? And by that she means she's at the Jean Grey School? She certainly hasn't popped up in WatXM.
Yes Blink is staying at the Jean Grey School

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