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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post

Moviewise...he did go 'beserker' in the mansion, on the first soldier who he impaled on the fridge, as well as the ones he charged at, one of which he slashed his face off, and the others all stabbed to death. You have to be realistic here, these are '12' certificate movies, we are lcuky to have got that amount of the deadly Wolverine in such a film.
Oh you mean when he killed the guard in the kitchen and then asked Iceman if he was okay? Yeah totally berserk there! I'm surprised he didn't offer to fix him a glass of milk! You think that is an adequete interpretation of the feral nature he works so hard to suppress? Bum, you and I have very different definitions of feral, bestial and berserk.

Wolverine came close to stabbing little Katie Powers in a feral rage when he was wounded and pursued by Lady Deathstrike. He was barely able to restrain himself from shredding Karma who freed him from a Mojo induced frenzy. If Heather Hudson hadn't soothed him, Wolverine would have gutted Mac Hudson. Logan wasted an entire Canadian town in a berserker fury. Numerous villains have tapped into that bestial rage and turned him on teammates, friends and innocents. Do you want more examples of teammates and loved ones in mortal peril because Wolverine loses control of the beast? Typically he is able to snap out of it or is soothed or subdued in some way, but it's usually pretty close.

The Wolverine currently portrayed by Jackman is far cry from the Wolverine from the books. I have a lot of respect for what Singer and Jackman have done. All I'm saying is I would like to see the character in the hands of a creative team that isn't afraid let Logan struggle more with this inner demon. I just don't think Fox recognizes the importance of this element.

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