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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by OsGom View Post
Bum, do me a favor, don't debate me and then ignore your own posts. My "exceptional" and "cherrypicked" examples were in direct response to your BS post where you rudely stated, "I don't know what the hell comics you have been reading, but in the Claremont books, that defined the character, and his ingratiation into the X-Men over those first years, the only time a team member was put into danger by Logan's feral rage" . . . blah blah blah and, "but that scene with nightcrawler was the only time he ever launched out in a deadly way at a team member." I was pointing out your assertion that it only happened ONCE is incorrect.
I'm not ignoring my own posts, you're not reading them properly, I clearly said that *in Logans's first years with the X-Men, that kind of incident only happened once*, and that is the period of time covered in the first 3 X-Men films.
There was a suitable amount of time spent on that side of his character, given the fact he was in fairly typical X-Men type situations, *and* it was an ensemble piece.
edit: Storywise, there was nothing happening with Logan to get him into those extreme states of losing control, those are exceptional moments you cited, ie they do not happen often.
but Logan was still shown as a rough guy living an animalistic type of life, as i say further in in this post...

I can also point to several interviews where Chris Claremont, the guy who defined the character as you yourself pointed out, talks about how the character translated to the films, although he respects and enjoys it, isn't his vision of character from the books.

CC: "Logan's strength as a character derives, to me, in large measure from his fundamental internal conflict: a man at odds with a primal inner beast, struggling to find a place for himself in the world. He's torn between two divergent worlds, the one wherein Sabretooth lives, that sees himself as predator and humans as prey -- and the one that's all around Logan, filled with "normal" people struggling to live "normal" lives. Fundamental dichotomy, and his ongoing attempts to resolve the conflict provide much of the primal conflict for the man and the story."
I can also disagree with Chris Claremont, he didn't write the movie. We did see that to an extent, Logan living on the road in rough conditions, making money from cage fights, living like an animal, wanting to distance himself from people. Look at the struggle between man and beast he has in the bar when he has the two guys at clawpoint, it's Rogue's presence that calms him down.

Now you're just trolling.
don't get angry, I'm not trolling, I'm having a discussion with you.

I never said he should roam around like a mindless beast for an entire film. I simply stated there are aspects of the character that could be flushed out better with a different creative team. The current incarnation doesn't convince me this guy is struggling to control a demon within him. If the neutered version works for you then that's great. As I keep saying, while I enjoyed the first 2 Xmen films, I felt they did not capture this (to me)crucial element of the character.
They covered it somewhat in the first movie, but yes, he needs a suitable vehicle for that aspect to be explored fully. Remember, the X-Men films were ensemble pieces. They messed up the first solo Wolverien film, Origins, but hopefully they can get to this aspect more in the next film.
But, you have to remember, they are *not* going to be able to depict the kind of scenes you are talking about, not in a '12' certifictae film.
See the fridge scene from X2 I cited, that you poo-pooed as being nothing much of a beserker? They had to cut that so it was not 'R' rated, editing it so that the camera cut away to Ice-man for a bit, they couldn't show Logan's full on intense scream without the rating going up.

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