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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
There was a suitable amount of time spent on that side of his character, given the fact he was in fairly typical X-Men type situations, *and* it was an ensemble piece.
edit: Storywise, there was nothing happening with Logan to get him into those extreme states of losing control, those are exceptional moments you cited, ie they do not happen often.
I have to disagree. X1 & X2 was very much the Wolverine & Xmen show. Also, those "exceptional" and "extreme states" are exactly what was missing to demonstrate Logan's internal struggle. You're right that they were rare occurrences but in comics you have the luxury of internal dialog to address his war with himself. In film it is necessary to show the audience exactly what Logan and by extension his friends, are up against.

For example, during the mansion raid, have Wolverine go full feral (because he is wounded and absorbs a lot of drugs), and when Stryker is introduced, instead of just standing there when Iceman pops his ice wall, Wolverine furiously starts to claw through it until Rogue grabs him, he turns on Rogue in a fury poised to stab her but quickly comes to his senses. Then later when they get to Bobby's, have a scene where Logan addresses the incident and shares his inner turmoil with Rogue.

This of course is just an example of something they could have done. It's a subtle alteration but conveys just how dangerous he can be.

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
don't get angry, I'm not trolling, I'm having a discussion with you.
Apologies, I'm not angry, just seemed like you were purposely being obtuse.
Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
See the fridge scene from X2 I cited, that you poo-pooed as being nothing much of a beserker? They had to cut that so it was not 'R' rated, editing it so that the camera cut away to Ice-man for a bit, they couldn't show Logan's full on intense scream without the rating going up.
Lol! I'm no editor but I find it hard to believe that a clip of Logan screaming would change the rating to R. But maybe you're privy to information to which I am not.

Please understand, I am not saying that they need to add buckets of gore and an R rating to effectively adapt the character (although I wouldn't be against it). I just think there's a lot of depth to this character that they failed to portray in the films.

The one scene where that got it right was his Weapon X flashback in X1. That was a man who you could tell was tortured. Too bad they completely changed that scene in the Origin and screwed it all up.

Also if they could make Wolvie a runt again, I would be thrilled.

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