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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

I thought it was great in terms of the characterization it gave Hope. Her talk with Unit set the stage for why she is acting how she is. It also shed light on her encounter with the New X-men and Logan. AvX2 almost made it look like she was posessed by the PF and seemingly had gone evil, but Hope is in control and she definetly hasnt gone dark.

The Collossus vs Red Hulk was very well done. Piotr was pretty much kicking his azz but with all the concerns that the Juggernaut powers would corrupt him, he proved to be a hero by accepting defeat but in doing so saved so many lives. Red Hulk was crazy and was almost willing to endanger so many lives with that fight. Im glad Piotr stopped it

Namor's been was also well written and it shed light onto why he fights with the X-men. One of the few times Ive actually liked him with the team

How did this issue make him sound more like Magneto? He came across much better here writte by Gillen than in the main series. The only thnig he said in his first scene was that they have to protect Hope no matter what and thats consistent with what we've already seen in AvX. He doesnt say anything again till the final section where he has the Avengers Protocol activated. I thought that was such a boss move and I cant wait to see the ramifications of that. To me thats really going to be a game changer. Magneto would have never thought to do that and its not his style. Its a very unexpected move but to go that route is kinda a douche move but I cant say I feel bad for the Avengers. It'll be fun seeing them get knocked down a peg or two.

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