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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 1

Originally Posted by MarvelComix85 View Post
- I'm all for Aly Michalka as Dazzler.
I honestly can't see Fox not pursuing her for at least an audition.
- Have you ever heard of actress Gemma Chan? She's of Asian/British decent, stands at 5'9", and can play a tough chick. She's on a show called The Secret Diary of a Call Girl with Billie Piper (of Doctor Who fame). That's your call, I don't mind Dichen Lachman (she's also half Asian).
Never heard of her, she's very pretty. I picked Lachman because I would hope to see Psylocke to be a bit older than the rest of the team.
- I kind of dig Vincent Kartheiser as Toad. His character in Mad Men is a prick just like Toad.
He's also trained in some stunts from Angel so I can easily see him doing the more practical Toad movements.
The rest of your picks are great, although some - besides Liam Hemsworth - are a little old for the roles (most of the picks are teen roles). Also, consider casting the Maximoff twins.
Well, I know some of the actors do not match their characters ages of current comics, but I figured since First Class mixed and matched characters from different eras/story lines, they'll probably do so again if they needed to.
I have a couple of Quicksilver actors in mind, Scarlet Witch is a bit harder. Also, I don't think I'd want them in any FC sequel soon, probably why I haven't included them.
How'd you make this collage and what font did you use. Looks really cool.
Well, when Man of Steel was in pre-production and the only casting announced was Henry Cavill, I remember some insiders mentioned Faora. I made a banner of potential actresses for Faora based on what was rumored and who I felt would be good in the role.
I just copied that template and used it here.
The font is a slightly modified text called "SF Movie Poster"
I don't remember where I downloaded it, but it was most likely from either,, or

I think this is gonna be my more used template for castings now that everyone does the head next to head template. (Already have an Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat, and Wonder Woman banners made)

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