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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mistress Kizuna View Post
Honestly, I don't get the fuss about Dichen Lachman. I've said it before and I'll say it again: her face is so off balance and weird looking, and hell, i'll even go so far as to say she's ugly. Yes, I said it. She has a kickin' bod though but I just can't get over her butterface. Blech.

As for a few other picks of mine...

Elle Fanning as the Stepford Cuckoos

Darren Criss as Nate Grey

Yusuke Iseya as Silver Samurai
I'm with ya on being mystified by the buzz about Dichen. She's got more of a horse face than SJP...somebody needs to feed her some hay and sugarcubes.

I can see Elle Fanning as the Stepfords....good call.


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