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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
I Love the Hulk but feel that he is & will be much more successful in an ensemble cast like The Avengers than on his own. When people think of The Incredible Hulk, they expect balls to the wall action in which case the 2 different individual Hulk movies was sorely lacking. Until there is a cheaper & more cost effective way to have more Hulk action on screen at any given time then we may never see another solo Hulk movie again.
Hmm, I'm not entirely sure to be honest. One of the consistent things I've read about the Avengers reviews is how the Hulk is really cool and he's cool because they've got that balance of man and monster.

The last Hulk movie was nonstop action and I don't think that was as good an idea as some would think. Action is a part of it, sure, but you need something else. You need Bruce Banner to balance it out, give some tragedy. As soon as someone can do that in a Hulk film, they're set.

I reckon there's at least one more chance of making a good Hulk film especially with Ruffalo and the good buzz from "The Avengers". Marvel should at least think about it.

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