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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Prison Mike View Post
Which moment would that be?
I would assume they ment the end of Requiem. Sadly I can think of at least 3-4 worse moments in Clark's life that could be "his lowest moment".

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
But for an incarnation of Superman, Clark never seemed particularly intelligent. About average really. But that may be due to bad writing. Unless I am really misremembering. He was never shown to have superhuman intelligence was he?
A few times in earlier seasons they showed him calculate things really fast(and like big numbers). I think the main problem with how Clark came off is basically they stalled things way to much so the type of plots they had really didn't put him in the most positive light many times(basically whining and moping how his life sucks). Many times to get those plotpoints you would just question what normal human being would do those stupid things. As Webhead pointed out having Chloe get a bigger role(and making Clark more reliant on her) in S5 didn't help.

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