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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
Except that I do judge based on resume and performances. Whether you two choose to believe it or not is your guys' problem.
You make that really hard to believe. First tmt says that you bashed her in the past before you even knew who she was of or what she had done. True or no? I know TMT personally and don't think he lied. There is probably a post out there some where that can be quoted if you deny it. Either way though you made several comments here that pretty much make it impossible to believe you.

You claim she's all wrong for the part but don't give any reason why.

You claim she's just a soap actress. What does that mean?

you claim she's 45. (wrong)

You claim that was a typo which means you meant to say 35 was too old. Then you proceed to cast a bunch of character who are supposed to be much younger than the Wasp with actors that are the same age or older.??????

You claim she's only done bits parts. Not only is that wrong but if you had actually seen her performances you would have known that. So you again appear to be judging someone with out having seen them.

You claim landing lots of parts in various media doesn't equal someone being talented. I think most of the casting directors, directors and producers in Hollywood would disagree with you. It doesn't say how talented she is but untalented actors don't work that much.

And you claimed that her best performance was on a kids show. That leaves little doubt that you haven't seen her in anything else.

Finally you claim your posts were picked apart and none of the things that contradicted his post were replied to, then you failed to comment on all the things he contradicted in your posts. Also I looked back and don't see what you said that wasn't answered.

You could have just said you didn't like her for the role or just ignored the casting choice but you choose to bash the choice instead. Naturally the person that suggested her called you out on that and you couldn't provide one sensible reason for it and your posting style doesn't lend any credibility to your words either.

There's a reason Herbst has been stuck in a soap and not been able to break out from it unlike other well known/A-list actors who had no problem transcending out of it.
I think stuck is the wrong word. Based on what TMT said I think the correct word would be happy. The reason other actors got other roles is because they went after them, something Herbst stopped doing when she started her family. Now I suppose that could be just something she said when she couldn't find other work but a quick google shows that she did plenty of other work right up until when she was pregnant with her first child. You'll probably claim that was just a cosmic coincidence but I don't think so.

Now you're just talking out of your ass. At the moment there is no one person I would like in the role, as I've commented on numerous actresses that would be good, the same way I've commented on actresses would be bad.
Well if you've commented on "good" actresses the same way you commented on the bad then I think it's safe to say those comments need further scrutiny as well.

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