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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
Only problem is, that was the whole point of the character. It should have been about American patriotism (the old fashioned kind), and Nazi / German nationalism. That's the whole ****ing point. It's a period piece. Captain America in the 1940's, was exactly that, and the Red Skull was the embodiment of Nazism and German nationalism.

And how can you be too anti-Nazi?

Turning it into a generic conflict is an impressive feat, but not necessarily a good one.
Lol no it's not. Capt America wasn't about Nazism or German nationalism. It's not like the original comics talked about the repercussions of the Versailles treaty, the deficiencies of the Weimar Republic, the terrible economic Depression in Germany after WWI. It didn't even talk about Zionism, the perceived inequities of "foreign" influences in Germany like Britain or Jews etc. That's the nonsense that Nazism was about... none of that was ever addressed in the comics. Nazis were villains but only in the most generic sense. They were our enemies so they were bad... there wasn't anything in the at all about German nationalism or actual Nazism.

It was a kids' comic about a guy in Stars and Stripes kicking ass. That's why Capt America continued to be successful in the 60s and later when Nazis were far from the picture. The comics were never about Nazis, they were just the villains because that's who America was fighting at the time in the 40s.

The main problem is that guys like you really dont have a good knowledge of 1)history/Nazis/WWII OR 2)the Capt America comic. Anyone who thinks that Nazism was any sort of real driver in the dynamics of the original comics don't know it, it certainly wasn't about German nationalism. Nazis were important only in that that's who American was fighting the war against.

Hydra is much more appropriate villain, the idea that an actual historical power is powerful enough or evil enough to be a suitable villain for a superhero is just clueless. It's like arguing that Black Panther comics would be better if he fought Slave Masters rather than supervillains.

Also the idea that there's not enough villainization of Nazism in Hollywood that the US media skirts the issue is just ridiculous. Every Oscars there's some Holocaust movie or something else reminding Americans how bad the Nazis really were. The idea of making a Capt America comic book movie about "German Nationalism" is just a really myopic and bad idea. There's plenty of digs at Nazis and even modern Germans in these movies. Look at the current Avengers' movie, lilke all Hollywood movies, the only guy with the moral courage to standup to evil is the old guy with the Yiddish accent who shouts down Loki, then immediately afterwards Capt makes a dig at Hitler... in the AVENGERS movie. People get it... Nazis are bad, you can't watch a Hollywood movie even remotely connected to WWII or Germany without some message to let people know. Hydra was just a much better villain because they have lazers and faceless footsoldiers and all the supervillain stuff that makes then worthy to get beat up by Capt and his buds.

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