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Default Re: Batman on a budget - my homemade costume

Just like Batman, I'm ready to come out of retirement soon.

Sorry for the delay, but I've been really busy these last couple of years building a career as a movie-editor. But, now, as the Dark Knight Rises approaches, I'm back in the costume-game.

Actually, one of the reasons I've been away, is that I've been trying to avoid spoilers for TDKR, so I've been trying to stay clear of message boards.

What has happened since I first posted the pictures in this thread is that I've basically scrapped the entire suit. I've kept the cape, though modified it but everything else is new. The budget has been raised, but I still try to work with what I've got as opposed to buying everything, and I've been working out, a lot. I've managed to lose almost 66 pounds and built a lot of muscle through running, weightlifting and yoga, basically I've been trying to "Bruce Wayne" myself, on a smaller scale.

My plan is to have the suit ready for The Dark Knight Rises. Pictures will be posted as soon as I feel it's ready for display. Stay tuned!

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