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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
Just read from CBM (via BadAss Digest) that Feige said when RDJ is done with Iron Man, they are going to go James Bond style and recast him, instead of starting from scratch.

So, who should be the new Tony Stark after, let's say, Avengers 3? I was going to say Joshua Duhamel, but he is already 39 and would be in the same boat as RDJ is now if they casted him after Avengers 3.
The biggest problem would be if they tried to cast someone who looked like RDJ. And if that person tried to just act like RDJ in the part. When whats his name, Bradly Cooper, auditioned for Green Lantern he thought he had to do the Bale Batman voice. I can imagine many actors auditioning for Tony Stark trying to be another RDJ in the part and really hamming it up too much.
I think, maybe, like the Bond films it should just be another actor with his own look and his own approach to the character. Of coarse they would give him dark hair and facial hair.
What do you guys think? Downey Jr. created such an interesting Tony Stark, should the actors try to keep that character going or do their own version of Stark?

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