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Default Re: Re-watching Smallville Thread!

Originally Posted by kneelbeforedod4 View Post
After re-watching, every episode seems to end with Lana and Clark in the barn talking about whether they were on/off or secrets in every season. :P That just kinda bugged me.
Those Clana loft scenes(or wherever they were talking about secrets and lies) always dragged down episodes for me, especially if it was the last scene of an episode. The worst part of those scenes is when you watch a bunch of episodes together you realize that they basically took the same scene many times changed the dialogue a bit but it was the exact same scene for the most part(Lana comes up to the loft, they talk for a bit, Lana makes a passive aggressive jab about keeping secrets, Clark looks dumbfounded, Lana storms off)

When I rate episodes, the very last scene for Clark is generally worth at least 2 marks out of 10 in my books how I rate an episode(great = 2, ok = 1, terrible = 0). One reason I think I like Lois so much is she generally got great last scenes(at least for those of us who enjoy the lack of angst and like seeing Clark happy) with Clark at the end of episodes in those early seasons.

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