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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Long time Hulk fan that desperately awaits the return of the Hulk in Avengers. I think it is important to realize that no matter how much of a "hit" the Hulk is, we should keep the hype contained. Take it one step at a time. The two solo movies did not appeal to the masses by any stretch. Hulk needs to be used on a limited basis. He shouldn't pop up in every major Marvel movie.

That said, I think a May 2015 tentpole is in order. I know they are reserving that spot for a probable Avengers sequel, but if we are ever going to get another Hulk movie, it needs to be released no later than that. Otherwise too much time will have passed and it will be another toss up.

He was never a long time Avenger so making him a staple of that franchise is a mistake. I don't think he should be featured there. He is a stand alone character. Instead, I would do a standalone movie with the Leader and maybe introduce some other key Marvel characters, like Namor or Reed Richards (if they have the rights). But don't make it an Avengers 2 prequel. End the movie with the Hulk getting exiled... setting up a World War Hulk movie or some massive event later on in the timeline.

Maybe do Avengers 2-3 back to back like they did with the Pirates franchise. Hulk could return there but on a limited basis. But Hulk is largely a solo guy and should be kept as such. I imagine 2-3 more featured appearances in at least one more solo movie and 1-2 "crossover" type films.

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