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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

I'm hoping that... antman/wasp get introduced in a solo film sometime before the next avengers, setting up the idea of ultron. Then either in avengers 2 they can get those two on the team, and either ultron can be the bad guy (leaving thanos for Av3) or ultron can be involved in trying to defeat Thanos in Av2, and can get corrupted in the process, leaving him as bad guy for Av3, like what happened in Av:EMH when they used ultron to defeat Kang's invasion, but then he went psyco.

I dunno, I know nothing about Thanos, but have read/watched ultron and really like him as a villain, he's so twisted. So would like to see him at some point. Just got/read ultron unlimited, he would be great on the big screen!

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