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Default Re: Re-watching Smallville Thread!

Originally Posted by Webhead2006 View Post
Lana and clark was the worst handled thing for me. I rather have had them just friends season one, start dating season two, start getting more serious in season three. Then break up mutually(ie her going to france). Or if sam didn't leave start relationship with pete. And if she left we could have gotten into other relationships like chloe, maybe bbrought in lori(minus mermaid bits) and all that. That is why I still say I like how lois and clark was handled.
I thought the relationship for the most part was well handled the first couple season, but they should have put them together in S3(instead we get a big kink in the relationship(ie Clark running away) and it was downhill after that). Most the angst in S3 felt like a rehash of the S2 angst, but in the case of S2 it at least felt like they were building to something, in S3 it was like what's the point

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