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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
THE LAST STAND gets a bad rap because fans hated the fact that the comics weren't put onscreen (which had never happened in the X-Men films, and was never going to happen in that franchise), and because they don't understand film demands/issues like, oh, say, LOSING your Cyclops to SUPERMAN RETURNS. Wolverine starred because he'd been the star since X-MEN. Fans seem to think that if Bryan Singer had stuck around, Cyclops would have been one of the main characters, and we'd have gotten a more faithful Dark Phoenix story, and that somehow X3 would have undone the flaws of the previous two films. There were some legitimate suggestions that Brett Ratner isn't as talented a director in terms of actually shooting the film, but he handled the action, emotion, themes and performances quite well
Could be that, or it could be a weak, rushed film. I don't hate it like some do, but it's obviously inferior to the previous 2 films.

The action is nice, but emotional underpinnings throughout are underwhelming and half baked. Angel exists in a couple of scenes and is ultimately irrelevent to the plot. Rogue's decision to take the cure is totally squashed by her jealousy of Iceman and Kitty, and what should be a serious life choice comes off as being about "some boy". Halle Berry is terrible. Logan's story is incredibly dry, assuming a dull hero role. Any motivation for Pyro's anger is glossed over and he's just an ass who now hates Iceman. The death of Cyclops is simply lost in the shuffle. Xavier's death gets a little more attention but is undermined by the fact that he nothing of note prior to it (aside from cussing out Logan in a very out of character moment).

I really liked Grammar as Beast. He's probably handled the best.

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