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Default Re: "Not cinematic enough"

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
We need bonzob to come in and settle this thread's hash. He explained from a cinematographer's perspective why 1:85:1 is the preferred format for a film that will be post-converted to 3D.

It was unnecessary to create yet another thread to rehash something that has been discussed here for months. This should have been taken up in the complaints thread where it belongs.
Well, sorry, Chief. As you can see, I registered 2+ years ago and only have 200 posts, and my signature refers to the Captain America casting process back in early 2010.

I'm sorry I haven't kept up with the goings-on on SuperHeroHype and that I missed the months-long discussion on this.

Besides, this is NOT a complaint thread. This is a thread where I offer my opinion as to why others made this particular complaint. But again, I apologize that there's another long thread that details my same opinion, and I'm sorry for missing it.

Captain America casting prediction: March 29
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