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Default Re: "Not cinematic enough"

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
No one said anything about Chris Nolan in this thread. This is a discussion about this movie's aspect ratio. Grow up.

PS: Worrying so much about other people's opinions and actions isn't going to take you very far in life
Well, no one said anything about Avatar, either.

The reason why Avatar is not that relevant is that there haven't been other Avatar-related movies shot in 2.35 preceding Avatar. Like I said, every other Marvel film has been shot and shown in 2.35, and The Avengers goes to 1.85, which might make a noticeable difference if you're used to watching, say, Iron Man via a certain perspective.

Also, I think Avatar was reformatted to be shown in 2.35 in theaters, though I may be wrong, and maybe that doesn't make a difference anyway.

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