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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Except that it's not. Not in any measurable sense. It's shot differently. The acting is on the same level. The writing is on a similar level, with a bit more comic book flair, and a few corny lines/moments, which all the movies had. But the writing also has more character development, varied exploration of key themes and comic book mythos in it than previous films did.

The emotions being underwhelming is your opinion. Half baked is your opinion. They're not any more or less underwhelming or half-baked than the previous movies. The emotional elements are structurally and contentwise handled as well, or better, than the previous films did. The only emotional aspect of the film that is not handled as well is the team's reaction to Cyclops' death. And given the circumstances, not pausing for a funeral is understandable. We do, however, get to see Jean's reaction to Cyclops death, and its an appropriately emotional and powerful one. The death of Cyclops is not neccessarily los i n the shuffle so much as it is one of the major events in the film. They don't return to it a lot, but they do acknowledge it, and the impact of it, several times.

Halle Berry isn't terrible. For once. She's actually better than she was in either of the two previous films. She should probably never have been Storm in the first place, but she's at her best in the franchise in X3.

Angel exists in a few scenes, much the way Bobby and Pyro existed in a few scenes in X2. Angel is most certainly not irrelevant to the plot. He is a shining example of a mutant who might want the cure, and chooses not to take it.

I don't know how you can call Logan's role "dull". He goes around killing people, just like he always does. He does some tracking. He has several meatier dialogue scenes, including a nice sequence with Rogue. He's got emotional sequences...and he has a very cool action/healing sequence toward the end of the film. Dull? Really?

Pyro's anger was only ever about jealousy and Magneto telling him he can be more than humans in X2. A sense of superiority. That is all still very present in X3. And he was always an ass. Right from the start.

Xavier's death is one of the best comic book movie sequences ever. It gets more than a "little more attention". And he does have sequences of note prior to it. He has a teaching sequence, the moment with Storm, the scene with Wolverine about Jean, the sequence between himself, Jean and Eric. And Xavier never cusses out Logan...what the heck are you talking about? Xavier manipulating people is not out of character in the least. He's done it for two films. It is simply revealed that this is what happened with Jean, and that his tactics are on a while other level. It was, to most fans, a welcome addition to the film universe.

Why do you even bother to list "problems" with the film if they're, as you stated earlier, halfbaked?
The closest you can get to a measurable sense of quality is critical reviews, which agree with me. Obviously it's my opinion, no need to repeatedly state it.

Berry is worse than ever. Storm's conversations with Senator Kelly and Nightcrawler in the first two films are far more significant to her character than anything in TLS, despite an increased screen time. She's a little more proactive in this, but Berry doesn't pull off authority at all. She also comes off as incredibly heartless when she's telling Logan that Jean needs to die. Did the writers forget that Storm and Jean have been friends for god knows how long? No conflict in her whatsoever.

What Angel gets in the film is fine, except that he has no character to speak of. He exists solely as a POV on the cure, not as an interesting personality. The cure debate is entirely superficial, which is a shame as there is so much potential for interesting character interaction. Put Angel and Rogue together in a scene and see where it goes.

I don't treat Logan's arc as a tick-box of ability displays. That's why I don't like this film. His relationship with Jean is incredibly flat. He may feel strongly for her, but as you've said it's one way. This love story is missing a key player, the man Jean actually loves.
As for what we actually got, Logan's arc is a retread of his conflict in X2 only less good. At the end of X2, he has chosen to throw in with the X-Men, and be a part of the group. Apparent the writers forgot about that, as TLS opens with him "just passing through". Later in the film, he ditches the team to be with Jean, gets his ass handed to him, then returns to give a big speech about being a team. Pathetic.

Pyro's resentment of Ice-Man is intense and under-explored. We know more about that character from a simple glance in X2, when he looks at Bobby's family. He's not out of character in TLS, he barely is a character. This doesn't bother me too much, but there was certainly more potential there.

Xavier's death is all flash, no substance. As I said previously, it's undermined by the scene previously that made him look like an ass. Xavier is supposed to be a great man, but he's not shown to be here.
What are we supposed to feel when he dies? Making his actions with Jean so morally ambiguous complicates the death scene, because it's not clear if this should be a tragic event or the consequence of meddling. This tension could be great, but it's not followed up on at all.

Why criticise something for being half-baked? Why not?

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