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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion & Speculation Thread (NOT A LOUNGE) - - - - - - - - -

I know this is off-topic, but can people who happen to have them or know where to find them send me the highest-rez pics available of every Batsuit we've ever seen (comics [including Elseworlds {vs. Dracula, for example}], live-action TV and cartoons, serials, movies, and games [including aborted games like the Steampunk Batman]... and including all the one-off and rare suits like the one we saw in Justice League Unlimited warn by the Batman of the alternate universe where the JLU were basically tyrants)? I know there's a wiki about the suits, and someone made a very poorly drawn visual map of the suits (I have it, but man I hate those drawings), but I want actual pictures... and clear, full-body ones, too... not obscured or partial.

It's for a personal project, although I might share it with the intertubez. If I do, it'll be in video format, and whoever sends me the pics will be thanked. In my signature I'll post an email address to send them to.

If you can help out, please make sure to label the picture or pictures with the time-period they were active and where they were from.

As far Bale's Batvoice... first off... you simply can't blame Bale for TDK. That was Nolan's fault. Second... I frickin' love Bale's Batvoice anyway! In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the voice is awesome! And it sounds to me like his Batvoice in The Dark Knight Rises will be just as awesome.

I will grant that the voice was loads better in BB than in TDK, and again, that was Nolan, not Bale. But I still liked it.

And Kevin Conroy can piss off. Yeah, he's makes a good Batman voice (he's the best voice for the animated Batman shows), but I would love to see him try and play Batman in a live-action setting. I think he might do well in a parody of the 60's version, don't you?

Finally... thank you KANE for my new Avi! It's not exactly like Solidus', BTW, because it includes the Catwoman/Batman banter right before...

My request for pictures of all the Batsuits.

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