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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Pa

For many Marvel fans, this is the moment we have all been waiting for! Ever since Nick Fury declared that Mr. Stark wasn't the only superhero in the world, fans have been salivating over the prospect of the ultimate team-up film: The Avengers! We've closely watched the casting of each Avengers, we watched them grow in their own worlds, and now it is time they come together as one! Now, the obvious question becomes, was it worth the wait? The answer to that, ladies and gentleman, is a resounding YES!

It is truly amazing what Joss Whedon was able to accomplish with this film. When he was hired, many thought this project was simply too big for him and that it would be loaded with pop culture references and lost in "Whedonisms." While Whedon does add his flavor of humor at many points in the movie, he also does what he has been a master at with his television shows: juggle characters. Whedon wasn't dealing with TV actors this time. He had to balance the egos of superstars like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Sam Jackson, Scarlett Johanson, etc. etc. etc. This is a tall task for any filmmaker, but Whedon allows every Avenger to shine and have their moment in the sun! The film also merges their various visual and sound effects styles and makes you believe that all these characters exist in the same world. Without Joss Whedon's guidance, this film may not have been able to reach its full potential. Bravo!

Everyone in the cast brings their A-game, also. Iron Man is an obvious fan favorite, and Downey does his thing that we love him so much for doing. Evans, Hemmsworth, and Scarlett Johanson are also fun in the film. That said, probably the biggest surprise hit of the movie is the Avenger we didn't see in phase 1 at all: Mark Ruffallo! Sure, we saw Bruce Banner in 2008's The Incredible Hulk, but he had the face of Edward Norton at the time! The Banner in The Avengers is the best portrayel of the character in a feature film. In the Avengers, we see the Banner that is afraid of himself and for everyone else, but we also see a new found edge and bitterness that over the course of interacting with others like him grows more confident and more accepting of the hero he can be! I think a lot needs to be said about Tom Hiddleston, also. Loki I felt stole the first Thor movie, and he doesn't disappoint us here. Loki in this film is far more evil and one-dimensional, but he is so fun to watch and he is clearly having fun terrorizing our heroes. Hiddleston is truly a joy to watch. On the opposite end, many fans of Hawkeye will be disappointed that for most of the movie, Clint Barton is being mind controlled and is evil. Of the Avengers, he clearly is the least important, which is somewhat of a shame given we know the least about him, but at the same time, it serves the story. Plus, Renner gets some moments to shine in the finale!

I read much about the film having a TV-esque look to it. I will agree that of the Marvel films, The Avengers doesn't have the most impressive camera work. At least, not the first 2/3s of the movie. Once the finale hits, however, the action reaches a fever pitch and the quality of the camera work increases significantly. We see a lot of variety in the action shots, including an amazing tracking shot that showcases all the Avengers helping one another. The entire last third of the movie is a visual marvel, and probably the most fun I've had with any comic book based film.

One thing I have seen said by some is that this is basically nothing more than a fun "popcorn" movie and that it offers little outside of spectacle. All I have to say to that is that I hate the term "popcorn film" because it hints that it is a lesser form of entertainment. The fact is many of the best films were simple "popcorn films" including the likes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, etc. How is it films like that are allowed to be "popcorn fun" but this movie for some reason is a lesser form of art due to daring to be entertaining? It is a stupid complaint, and one I will never agree with. The film succeeds at what it strives for, and it does so gloriously.

When Marvel Studios was formed, we all dreamed we'd eventually see The Avengers together on screen, but even in my wildest dreams, I never pictured the film being this good! It is a perfect blend of great characters, great performances, well balanced and aweomse writing, and so many epic superhero moments. Of all the comic book films I have seen, this is the closest thing I have ever seen to a comic book come to life. The entire tone, pace, and design of the project felt like the Avengers I have come to know and love over my lifetime. This was a major game changer for the genre, and Marvel Studios deserves every penny this earns. Tons of heart and soul went into this project, and it shows. I can't wait for Phase 2, and to see our heroes return! If the post-credits is any indication, we have MUCH to look forward to!

Overall rating - 5/5

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