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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by L0ngsh0t View Post
For those that want Ultron......i think it's pretty clear who the villain in A2 will be....and it's not Ultron
I don't think it's clear. How do you reconcile that with Whedon's plans for a smaller more personal sequel?

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post
Ulton is the best choice, IMO. While Masters of Evil would be interesting, it's a lot of villains. Ultron could end up being a creation of SHIELD's experiments with the tesseract and maybe some work from Banner and Stark.

Because honestly, there's no reason to bring Pym in, IMO.
Wow, what a refreshing perspective! Most people are like "No, Ultron MUST be of Pym, Pym NAO!!!!1!"

I personally would love if the Avengers, corporately, were responsible for Ultron's creation. Perhaps it starts with Jarvis, corrupted by a judgment call/mistake Cap makes in his film, and powered by the Cube that Thor lets slip away/gives up, that copies Black Widow and Hawkeye's training (perhaps shades of Super-Adaptoid, perhaps Super-Adaptoid is his Mark I version!)... maybe even some Vibranium as his shell from Black Panther (since Adamantium is owned by Fox)... all that good stuff.

That way, when Ultron starts pulling personnel files and really tearing up the characters emotionally, they have an emotional tie to him already.

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