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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mars452 View Post
Part of me wishes they used that badass compound bow from Thor rather than the weak looking "folding" number he used in this movie that wouldn't likely throw an arrow twenty feet, let alone accomplish the kind of accuracy he achieved throughout the movie. Pulleys and wheels just make everything better. And also, arrows don't work that way, flying straight and and flat like that. "Straight as an arrow" is a misnomer, since they wobble like a sonuva***** in flight.
The bow he uses is a Hoyt Buffalo hunting bow. People regularly shoot well over 100 yards with similar bows. A home-made bow made of 1/2" PVC pipe with about a 5 pound draw weight will easily shoot 60 feet with an aluminum 1616 arrow. As for accuracy, Howard Hill used to shoot quarters out of the air with a longbow. It's not the bow, it's the archer.

Originally Posted by Mars452 View Post
Yeah, yeah, this is a movie with an Asgardian "god", a flying powered armor powered essentially by magic, a Hulk, and a gravity defying supercarrier that can turn invisible, but suspension of disbelief doesn't work as well for less fantastical elements in a fantasy.
Exactly. If anything, the non-fantastical elements have to be perfect in order to get people to believe the fantastical stuff.

Originally Posted by Mars452 View Post
Also, I read somewhere Jeremy Renner actually practiced how to do archery when prepping for the role, but Whedon or some other member of the production team didn't let him use the technique. That's a shame. I haven't done archery in years, but every time he shot something I was all "That's not how you draw a bow!"
That's just PR blather on his part. The mistakes he's making are all things nobody would have changed, like rotating his arm the right way, drawing back completely, lowering his elbow, straightening his wrist, would have made him look more powerful, more dynamic, more superheroic. There is absolutely no reason why Whedon or anyone else would have told him not to shoot properly.

A friend was at the red carpet premiere and asked Renner about it. He told her (off the record) that he'd seen my article and that I was absolutely right, he had no training and didn't know what he was doing. You can bet they will hire a coach for the sequel. You can also bet it won't be me, since I was a jerk to him in public.

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