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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Endeavor View Post
It doesn't work that way. It's not about being left- or right-handed, it's eye dominance; one eye aims better than the other.

Test it yourself. With both eyes open, point at a distant object. Close one eye. Open it and close the other. You'll find that with one eye you point right at the thing, and with the other you point off to one side. The one that stays on target is the dominant eye. If it's your left one, you should shoot a left-handed bow even if you're right-handed.

About 85% of people are right-handed, but only about 70% are right-eyed, and some of them are left-handed. Cross-dominant people (left-handed/right-eyed or right-handed/left-eyed) make the best archers.

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