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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

I had a thought about the direction a solo/prequel movie for them could take. Now that they're "officially" Avengers, the film would have to take place before the current one, otherwise it would come off as the "Adventures of Hawkeye and Black Widow" TV series in between Avengers events. But it would also have to involve SHIELD due to Hawkeye being an agent for the at the time he met Black Widow. You couldn't go too "Bourne" on it (not least due to the fact that Renner is now in a Bourne film) simply because they aren't superpowered but are spies, because the world they have been introduced to the audience in is one with fantastical elements and superbeings. Further, although the post-credit scenes we've had so far can be paraphrased as it were, Nick's comment in IM1 about him not being the only superhero in the world suggests that characters may have popped up already that we have yet to see in movies but that SHIELD agents may have come across. Thor didn't appear on Earth till IM2, and Cap was only found around the time of Thor (and certainly not before IM1). Leaving Hulk as the only possible Avengers already known to Fury.

Therefore (finally, he gets to the point), a way to potentially increase the membership of the Avengers for the second film without needing an origin, flashback, solo movie in addition to an HE/BW one could well be to use the much promised Ant-Man film as the backdrop.

Think about it. What if the final mission/red ledger deed Widow carries out before joining SHIELD was to obtain a newly discovered particle source from a scientist who SHIELD had been trying to get to come to them and give them his research? Hired by a soviet (though a great deal of the film could be set in Budapest to make use of and flesh out the line between them in the Avengers) arms dealer to procure the Pym Particles recently discovered by Henry Pym. Pym is visiting Budapest with his Hungarian wife (now nationalised US citizen), Maria, and it is this relative proximity to Russia and distance from the US that prompts Natasha to make her move. SHIELD gets wind of the arms dealer making a big move of some kind and that he has hired the Black Widow to carry it out. Hawkeye is sent to put her down for good (several political assassinations under KGB orders maybe), and a cat and mouse game ensues between the two. When Hawkeye finally catches up to her, the arms dealer has sent a squad to get the job done as Widow has taken too long for his buyers. In the conflict that follows, Pym's wife is killed by the squad despite Natasha's attempts to save her, forcing Clint to see a different side to her than he expected. The three of them escape, but not before Hank's equipment is stolen by the squad.

Far as I've gotten.

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