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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
For somone who doesn't follow marvel comics what is the deal with
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
. What makes him so powerful or whatever that he couldn't work right away in the sequel?
He's *one* of the most powerful cosmic villains in the Marvel U, but he's not THE most powerful, nor is he the end-all, be-all, "ultimate" Avengers villain that some people here erroneously claim him to be. Hell, he's not generally associated with the Avengers specifically, but instead acts as an ubervillain to Marvel's more cosmic characters, like Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity Watch.

He is far more powerful than Loki, that's for sure, but there's still a ton of villains and groups in the Avengers rogues' gallery that can give the team one helluva fight for many sequels to come. Posters here are just exaggerating (and are just plain wrong) when they act like he needs to be saved for the climax, because (they believe, wrongly) that Avengers will have no more "big guns" to fight after him.


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