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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
For somone who doesn't follow marvel comics what is the deal with
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. What makes him so powerful or whatever that he couldn't work right away in the sequel?
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Thanos' schtick is that he's a super powerful alien with a vast army (the one he lent to Loki, it seems) that is out to get an uber-powerful device that will make him virtually omnipotent. In the comics, it's the Infinity Gauntlet, in the movies it says he's questing for the Cosmic Cube in his plan to take the Universe. A comic fan might assume that the Infinity Gauntlet are coming because they were in the comics, but that doesn't really fit with what happened in the films.

The problem with making him the main villain for the sequel is that 1) Since he's the background villain for 1 and the main villain for 2, the storyline is over, and you have a trilogy that's piecemeal. Imagine if the Emperor was defeated in Star Wars 2. 2) Since he is a threat to the entire universe, there's literally absolutely no way to 'top' that. There's nothing else to threaten.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I agree on the rest of it. I'm tired of hearing all this Ant-Man hate & denial...Pym *is* on the way, like it or not. And with him comes Ultron. You can't have one without the other, no matter how badly you want to retcon the Marvel Universe.
I too am tired of Ant-Man denial. He's not in the MCU, at least, not in the current day.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post

I'm pretty satisfied with Thor and Hulk being the high powered guys but if they do add WM or MM I'd rather it be Ms. Marvel.


Hank Pym is TOO important to the Marvel universe to not be included, hell he was in even mentioned in THOR.
I too would LOVE to see Ms. Marvel. It doesn't look like we'll have her though, as there are zero plans. So sad.

Notice that the Pym reference was an old man saying he had a friend (usually a peer, btw) who had dealt with SHIELD in the past. That's not an origin story that's coming up, that's something that already happened, a WHILE back. There's little things to hang hope on, sure, but all the signs point to 60s spy Ant-Man. But at least we know that he might be in the MCU, even if he's not in the present day. As an added bonus, even if Pym is in the past, he can still make Ultron to terrorize the Avengers in the present day, can't he?

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