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Default Re: Bucky: Dead or Alive?

The director mentioned on the movie's commentary that Bucky isn't dead. It was during the scene where Cap rescues Bucky from Zola's lab where (in the director's words) Zola was attempting some crude form of the Rebirth Formula on Bucky. He said that it was needed because Bucky survives the fall and returns (referencing the comic but almost like it was already a given for the movie as well).
So I think we will see Bucky return in the movie, or at least thats what Joe Johnston wants anyway. Another director may step in and not use Bucky at all... but they should.

Bucky should return in the 3rd Cap film, and he returns because Zola's experiments on him and thats how he stayed alive like Steve. Zola could also return as the robot.

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