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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Has anyone said that? What's been said is that there are no bigger guns to fight. You can't even contradict that, because it's so very, very true. There's a reason why in the film
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Thanos' explicit goal is taking over the universe.

Because he's meant to be the ultimate threat. There's a reason that he is the man behind the curtain in 1 and teased before a smaller more personal movie. They are building him up.

Could they have done it differently? Maybe, but at this point, thinking he'll get paid off in 2 and that the Avengers trilogy will suddenly take a new direction with a new background baddie in #3 just sounds silly.
No, his ultimate goal is *not* "taking over the universe."
It's DESTROYING it. And that's where you show that you don't understand Thanos at all.

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
He's more powerful than most, if not all, Avengers villains. And with the Infinity Gauntlet he was THE most powerful villain they or anyone else had ever faced.

He was never an enemy of the Infinity Watch. And no, he was never specifically an Avengers villain because he was bigger than that. He was a universal threat that everybody has to band together against in order to win. We're talking about a guy who gained infinite power three times. Captain Marvel had to call in the Avengers to help him beat Thanos. Thanos then went on to wipe out half the universe and the Silver Surfer had to call in ALL of Earth's heroes (what was left of them, anyway, as Thanos killed half of them, too) to take him on, and that still wasn't enough.

Name a bigger gun than Thanos, because that's the point. The whole purpose of storytelling is the concept of rising action. You increase the stakes as you go. Things get harder. For example...

Avengers ---> Loki tries to conquer the world.
Avengers 2 ---> Ultron tries to wipe out humanity. Human extermination is worse than humans being conquered. The stakes are increased.
Avengers 3 ---> Thanos wants to wipe out all half the living beings in the universe. The genocide of half the universe is worse than the genocide of the human race. The stakes are increased even further.

That makes more sense then...

Avengers ---> Loki tries to conquer the world.
Avengers 2 ---> Thanos wants to wipe out all half the living beings in the universe.
Avengers 3 ---> Ultron wants to wipe out the human race.


Avengers ---> Loki tries to conquer the world.
Avengers 2 ---> Thanos wants to wipe out all half the living beings in the universe.
Avengers 3 ---> The Avengers battle it out over the SHRA.

In both those cases the stakes DROP from the 2nd to 3rd movie. That's not how you tell a story. If the stakes in the 3rd act are less then they were in the 2nd act then the story's a failure.

The Avengers have plenty of villains which could be classed as big guns, but the fact is that there is no villain they have that can surpass Thanos.
Star Wars: the Rebellion takes on a massive battle station that has the power to destroy entire planets.
Empire Strikes Back: the Rebellion abandons an isolated ice planet outpost; Luke starts training to be a Jedi; Han and Chewie look up some old friends on Cloud City.

Are you saying ESB was a failure for dropping the stakes?

You keep trying to play up the myth that the stakes have to keep getting higher and higher with each successive episode, and that's false. That's Bayformer thinking.

The stakes don't have to be *higher,* they just have to be *different.*


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