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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Star Wars: the Rebellion takes on a massive battle station that has the power to destroy entire planets.
Empire Strikes Back: the Rebellion abandons an isolated ice planet outpost; Luke starts training to be a Jedi; Han and Chewie look up some old friends on Cloud City.

Are you saying ESB was a failure for dropping the stakes?
ANH ended with the Rebels scoring a victory against the Empire.

ESB started with the Empire putting the Rebels on the run and ended with Luke getting his hand chopped off and Han frozen in liquid carbonite. That looks like an increase in stakes to me.

And don't forget that ROTJ ended with a Death Star that was even bigger than the first and the Emperor being a full-fledged villain.

You keep trying to play up the myth that the stakes have to keep getting higher and higher with each successive episode, and that's false. That's Bayformer thinking.
Bayformer thinking is bigger explosions. I'm talking about basic story structure which even cavemen understood when they were painting on caves.

Caveman hunt sabertooth.
Cavement kill rabbit to sustain himself in hunt.
Caveman kill sabertooth and drag carcass back.

That's a better story than...

Caveman hunt sabertooth.
Caveman kill sabertooth.
Caveman kill rabbit on way back.

In the latter case, the story's deflated a bit by having the most significant event occur in the middle of the story as opposed to the end.

The stakes don't have to be *higher,* they just have to be *different.*
When you're dealing with these sorts of movies, then yeah, they have to be higher. Do you really think having a third movie about a planetary threat won't be just a little bit of a letdown if it followed a movie which was about a universal armageddon?

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