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Default Re: Easter eggs?

Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
I didn't notice that, but while we're talking about that scene - I absolutely loved that shot of Loki with the moon and stars in the background.

That was probably the first point in the movie that I just couldn't believe that movie studios (or at least, a movie studio) had finally just taken exactly what was in the comics and translated it to screen.

To see Loki there, being played by a great actor, and to see that helmet from the comics, having a conversation in the outer reaches of space via the frickin cosmic cube....just amazing.
Yea, it was just perfect. Before i saw the movie i saw some people complain about the space scenes, saying they were cheesy. It got me worried.

But when i saw it i thought i was just so beautiful. Like you say, it's something that is just ripped straight from a comic.

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
I thought it was interesting that Selvig frequently referred to the Tesseract as a 'she.' Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't one of the Cubes evolve into a female lifeform? Maybe I am reading too much into it, but fluff is rare in MCU films.
Yea one of them did. Can't recall if it was a female though. But it was hinted that the cube might be sentient, the way Loki was asking Selvig and Barton "What did it tell you"

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