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Default Re: Official Easter Egg/Reference Thread

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
It kinda makes sense that the big daddy film wouldn't go heavy on the easter eggs like the others, but the stuff that made it were fun.
There's a *lot* of easter eggs.

Project Pegasus
Georgi Luchkov
Sen. Boynton
Shawna Lynde
Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn. (Probably Odin's way of watching over Thor.)
mentions of a "Phase II" project probably reference Kevin Feige's outline for "Phase II" of the MCU.
The "A" on the wrecked Stark Tower, signifying Avengers Mansion/Tower
Stark's Life Model Decoy joke
Coulson's 1940s trading cards
Jasper Sitwell in the background on the Helicarrier; from the Marvel one-shot short films as well as the comic books
Thanos, of course.

callbacks to the prequel films:

Banner "broke Harlem"
Banner's reference to trying to commit suicide, but having "The Other Guy" spit the bullet back out probably references a famous deleted scene from TIH

Flashbacks from CATFA

Coulson tells Thor that SHIELD is protecting Jane Foster at an observatory in Tromso, Norway. (Incidentally, that's a real-life base for HAARP activity, specifically the EISCAT relay. I'm willing to bet we'll see that site featured prominently in Thor 2.)

Coulson's big gun was made from scraps of the Destroyer armor.

Once I re-watch the film, I'm gonna be checking in particular for easter eggs during the Stuttgart chapter. Might be some stuff in the museum, but in particular, I'd like to check out Loki and Selvig's lab. I'd also like to find out the identity of the *other* SHIELD agent that Loki mind-skagged --- big tall blonde guy with dark glasses. I've got a theory that he's supposed to be Quartermain.

Also: some people have reported the "64" on the Helicarrier as an homage to Avengers' first year of publication.....sorry, but that was *1963.*


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