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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

This is my attempt to help clear some of the confusion people are having...

to everyone who is assuming because thanos was show at the end of the avengers that thanos must therefore be the main villain in the avengers 2

this is why i think people are disagreeing with you

just because their is a scene at the end of a marvel movie does not mean it has something to do with the sequel of that movie, for example at the end of Iron Man 2 we are shown agent coulson and thor's hammer which set up thor as the next marvel movie which was thor... that means thanos being show does not mean he has to be the main villain in the avengers 2

what i guess i am trying to say in the simplest terms is that the post credit scene theme that marvel has been using, is mainly to set up this shared marvel cinematic universe and sometimes to directly help set up another marvel movie

iron man 1 - introduces nick fury and the avengers initiative
hulk - tony stark talking to ross about the giant green rage monster
iron man 2 - reveals thor's hammer and sets up thor has the next movie
thor - sets up the cosmic cube (for capt america and also the avengers), Selvig working with SHIELD and loki
capt america - scene w/ fury getting capt america to join the avengers/shield and basically a trailer for the avengers

the theory i am currently prescribing to is that thanos will be the main villain in the avengers 3 and possibly as a puppet master in the avengers 2 much like in the avengers 1 (with the off chance that he could be doing this in thor 2 as well since that is where the infinity gauntlet and the cosmic cube now reside)

also, i think the post credit scene could be like the one in thor where it helps set up two movies... by setting up thanos for the guardians of the galaxy movie

I am not saying that thanos won't be in the avengers 2, i am hoping he will be in it but in the background moving chess pieces but in a way where he is referenced or seen more than in the avengers 1, im just saying he won't be the main villain

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