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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

I'm not real knowledable on the avengers,just the basics but I guessing we will see more of the Shield council in the sequel. I don't know if they where in the comics but at the end of the movie I don't think they where too happy with Fury's decision making. I would love to see Vision make his debut in a sequel within some form,more of thanos as well.
Possibly red hulk as a villian? Laughable?
Not sure where the argument started,but I as well was pretty sure it was Thanos who was lending an army to Loki as well. In the beginning that creature which was talking,was talking to someone. stating, "The world his" and something like "the universe yours."
and then midcredits the same creature was talking to the same being,stating the humans cannot be ruled because they are unruly. Maybe i'm completely off target here but I was under the same impression as well.

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