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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 1

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
my only complaint is that Loki's deal and his army wasn't well explained.....

Thanos wanted the cube

"the other' said it was to open portals to other dimensions

With the cube in his posession Thanos would be very dangerous

Thanos clearly knows all about Asgaurd...

Thor seemed to fear the worse as he demanded to know who Loki had made deals with

perhaps in THor 2 it will be revealed that Thanos tried to envade asgaurd

perhaps in a flashback they could show Thanos challenging Odin and basicly put a beat down on Odin...

Maybe the sacrifice a guy like Balder here and show Balder step in, save Odin, but die at the hands of Thanos

Perhaps odin has to use 'something ' to defeat Thanos

.... a flash back that shows just how dangerous Thanos is... that he basicly came to asgaurd and nearly overthrew Odins regime

100 chimps working in unison to create the next great American Novel... It was the best of times it..... it was the blurst of times??? You have to love Mr. Burns.
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