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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 1

Hated Captain America's portrayal as he was shown to be somewhat the weakling and one who needed saving on numerous occasions smh

Hawkeye was underwhelming and coolest moment is hopping off a building and swinging into a window?!

The movie was riddled with too many comic relief moments that made me forget all about the tragic concepts of all these heroes even having to be heroes. I don't recall a heart wrenching moment once. Captain America had lost an entire lifetime of loved ones, friends, family etc, and it had a split second of that. Instead of all the black widow **** and Hawkeye they should have concentrated more on the dark themes to balance the movie and not just make it practically a comedy. Almost EVERY action scene was accompanied by comedy. It felt like Raimi's spiderman that was a comedy with superhero attributes. Thing I like about Wachmen and TDK is that they were dramatic films with comic relief here and there, where as the Marvel line up are comedies with sentiments of the comics.

I just prefer heavier themes, layers, thought provoking discussion worthy movies. Loki had the best speech on slavery and then had a weak ass fight with Cap Am who was whooped as usual in this film, and then IRONMAN (superman) saves the day again and again smh. Please name Captain America's shining moment????

I loved ruffalo as Hulk and knew I would. my favorite yet as he was more similar to eric banner's portrayal than Ed Norton's which I just didn't like. Thor/Hulk battle was interesting and one of the best.

Also I had a beef with the finale as in it reminded me too much of Transformers 3 plot with the whole portal of aliens coming into the world and the villains having a HUGE snake conquered by the flying here (optimus/Ironman) and the ground action team (Captain America/Bumble bee) and they had to shut down the portal door to save the day.

this movie was good, but just not the style I prefer my dose of comic book adaptations. I'm more for the tragic dark elements and layered themes that are filled in the comics with very little humor. The comics are not full of laugh out loud moments like the avengers films was. I know Whedon had t play on the shallow minded audience like with the "weed" line. Spiderman is usually the comic relief in his comics, but every character being funny in avenger's except Captain America? yeesh. felt like i was honestly watching a comedy smh.

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